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At ICON, we’re not just leveraging technology, we're defining the possibilities from early phase through to post-marketing.

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ICON’s technology solutions are focused on the factors most critical to our customers. With expertise in technology harmonisation and systems integration, our innovative tools and platforms can be adopted smoothly, to enhance collaboration, increase transparency and drive productivity gains.

Accelerated Clinical Trials


FIRECREST, ICON’s site portal, simplifies and streamlines the delivery of studies for sites and study teams. It is the industry’s largest site portal with over 500,000 site users in 143 countries. FIRECREST has been deployed on over 2,000 studies by 300+ Sponsors, including 18 of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies. Notably, it has a footprint of over 31,000 sites globally. This means that while your study may be new to sites, the same is very unlikely to be true of FIRECREST.

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ICON Digital Platform

The ICON Digital Platform is an end-to-end solution to enable patient services throughout the clinical trial. Its ease of use supports patient centricity and reduces the barriers to trial participation thus enhancing equity, diversity and inclusion.

It has the technical functionality, standard capability, integrated services and the flexibility for any study design or therapeutic area (traditional to fully decentralised), in one platform, ensuring interoperability and harmonised data.

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Artificial Intelligence

AI at ICON is leading the industry with multi award winning innovative and pragmatic solutions that are delivering measurable and impactful value to our clients.


Identify the right sites, the first time

One Search is ICON’s site selection system. It helps identify the right sites the first time.
One Search integrates and analyses billions of data points and trillions of data connections, and it uses human insight and artificial intelligence to identify the best sites based on ICON and industry knowledge of their experience and performance.  

  • 53% median time reduction to identify sites.
  • Up to 50% reduction in the number of non-enrolling sites on ICON studies
  • 24% improvement in customer satisfaction
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Accurately predict postmarketing requirements as early as Phase 1

Cassandra harnesses real word data obtained from the postmarketing requirements (PMR) databases of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and European Medicines Agency (EMA) from 2003 forward. It applies AI and machine learning to the information to predict if and what types of postmarketing requirements will be required by the FDA and/or EMA on new products. Understanding additional requirements can be critical for the overall success of a new drug and managing the cost and risk involved.

  • 99% and 97% accuracy predicting PMRs from the FDA and EMA, respectively
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Finding rare disease experts

Network graph that builds a comprehensive picture of expert publication, peer relationships and influence. 

ICON consultants can quickly identify the best key opinion leaders and geographic locations for any rare disease opportunity.

  • Quicker path to study design
  • Identification of disease indication networks
  • Key insights for feasibility plans
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AI powered outcomes intelligence

Natural language processing and fine-tuned large language models auto-update our existing eCOA database and add new eCOAs to the repository based on published resources.

The ICON commercialisation and outcomes team, in association with ICON’s Mapi Research Trust, can recommend optimal outcomes strategies for protocol design and execution.

  • Near real-time sync with published outcomes research
  • Gather intelligence on outcomes trends and effectiveness
  • Build new commercial opportunities in healthcare intelligence beyond clinical research


Auto-filing and improved compliance

Automation of simple but repetitive eTMF filing tasks, and complex determinations for eTMF document dependencies can be made through AI insight.

  • Decreased burden on study teams
  • Automated indexing and indexing QC
  • Reduced audit findings because of AI coherence checks 
  • Expert hours repurposed for advanced coherence checks 

Technology solutions

We develop integrated technologies to significantly enhance the efficiency and productivity of clients’ drug and device development programs, providing true transparency across all areas of a study.

Risk management & safety

Streamlined trials

Prism Connect

Prism Connect extracts clinical trial information directly from a site’s electronic health records (EHR).



ICOMaster is ICON’s electronic Trial Master File (eTMF) system. It offers clients secured access to files hosted on the platform.


Symphony Health

Symphony Health has one of the largest integrated repositories of healthcare data for most of the US population i.e. 307 million patients.


Laboratories & Medical Imaging

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Artificial Intelligence at ICON 

How are world leading healthcare intelligence CRO is transforming the delivery of clinical trials.

The future of pharmacovigilance: Exploring automation and AI in literature surveillance.

In this webinar, industry experts explore the future of Pharmacovigilance and offer key insights on the critical role of literature surveillance in the pharmaceutical and biotech sectors, and how automation is revolutionising the process.

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Advancements in Artificial Intelligence for site selection

By harnessing the combined power of human expertise and AI technology, One Search delivers significant improvements across all key metrics, including recruitment rates, site identification speed, and compliance with project timelines. 

Beyond the token: Why real-world healthcare data and integration strategy matters

This whitepaper explores the challenges and opportunities arising from the proliferation of healthcare data, emphasising the need for robust data integration strategies to leverage this data effectively.

Applying AI to manage the risks and costs of postmarketing requirements

Our Cassandra AI system harnesses RWD on drugs and data obtained from the US FDA and EMA postmarketing requirements databases to accurately forecast whether postmarketing studies will be necessary. 

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