Optimising biotech funding whitepaper series

In this two-part whitepaper series on optimising biotech funding, we explore the critical first step of securing funding and shed light on the opportunities available for biotech to utilise their funds more effectively and efficiently.

Biotechnology companies are recalibrating their funding strategies in the wake of recent market shifts to better position themselves to overcome current challenges. A primary challenge is securing funding amid a highly competitive market with evolving investor dynamics, though there is still significant capital available for biotech with the right preparation and innovative science. 

Part 1: Insights into securing funding shares insights into the current funding landscape, its challenges and considerations to guide biotechs through securing the investment that is still available from various sources to support their asset development program.

Download Part 1 to explore:

  • Important considerations for biotechnology companies as they pursue funding from sources including venture capital firms and partnerships with large pharmaceutical companies
  • Insights from an interview with a healthcare venture capital firm representative
  • Constructive considerations on crafting a competitive pitch to secure funding

Part 1: Insights into securing funding

Part 2: Insights into optimising funds, we outline options for biotech to maximise their funds and improve their asset development program, from operational strategy to acceleration, regulatory, value-building and partnership considerations.

Download Part 2 to learn:

  • Best practices to optimise trial designs and mitigate complexity
  • Opportunities to maintain development timelines and build value into the program 
  • The evolving role of partnership as a critical component of asset development success

Part 2: Insights into optimising funding