Increasing complexity and declining ROI in drug development

Perspectives from senior pharma executives

Special Report

Addressing the challenges of increasing complexity and declining ROI in drug development

Drug development with fresh eyes and new perspectives

The discussion around the increasing cost of drug development has dominated industry forums for many years, largely because of the challenge that the biopharmaceutical sector has had with many of the blockbuster drugs going off patent.

However, it is only in the last few years that commentators have started to reflect on whether the reaction to this challenge has actually increased the complexity (and consequently the cost) of drug development rather than improve the situation.

Protocol development has historically been in the hands of the scientists and therapeutic experts at biopharma, with high sensitivity to input from external sources, but could there be an alternative approach? Could additional insight support a better way to increase predictability in therapeutic testing and reduce costs? How does the industry need to adapt to the change in patient dynamics? Will engaging investigators in a different way support better outcomes?

Download this report for insight from Tero Laulajainen, Head of Global Clinical Science and Operations at UCB Biosciences, Dr. Tushar Shah, Senior Vice President, Global Specialty Clinical Development and Professor George Demetri, an eminent medical oncology clinical and translational researcher from Harvard Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Harvard Medical School, on how a new approach could lead to increased efficiency in clinical trials.

Topics covered in the report

  • Is increasing complexity, reality or myth?
  • Complexity: a necessary evil or is there a better way? Drug development with fresh eyes and new perspectives
  • Patient power and dynamics
  • Engaging the investigator for better outcomes
  • Virtual trials – extending the reach of clinical trials Areas of focus to decrease the cost of R&D