Blended solutions

Bespoke, seamless solutions to meet unique sponsor challenges.

Whitepaper: How investments in supply of CRAs is better than competing with the demand for CRAs

In this whitepaper, ICON’s experts address our commitment to four main objectives to reducing the CRA drought.

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Whitepaper: The evolution of FSP, not just for large pharma

For mid-size pharma, CRO and FSP models may evolve as the company grows. This either/or decision often means switching models by switching suppliers. By harnessing the ‘Embedded Blended’ model, all sponsors can benefit from a synchronised outsourcing strategy.

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Whitepaper: Clinical trials in Japan: An enterprise growth and management strategy

Presenting a unique approach to evolve the traditional local clinical development model in Japan, while lowering costs, improving productivity, and potentially accelerating drug approval timelines.

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Blended Solutions

ICON provides blended solutions with custom configurations to address sponsor challenges through seamlessly integrated service delivery. ICON combines world-leading global FSP solutions, FSO, standalone, and specialty services for efficiency and control. Expert consultants guide transitions and use formal governance to optimize the benefits of a bespoke, flexible, and efficient model.

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