Insights on the major trends in oncology including the development of targeted therapies in clinical trial designs and patient care.

Approaching the CAR T-cell therapy horizon

Approved CAR T-cell therapies have shown remarkable results in patients with certain types of blood cancers, but further innovations are needed before the technology can reach its full potential. In this whitepaper, we explore the most exciting clinical developments in CAR T-cell therapy, and relate them to limitations of approved therapies. 

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Research strategies to support the acceleration of oncology antibody drugs to market

This presentation will address important issues in antibody drug development, including choosing the right biomarker, drug formulation and manufacturing. It will also discuss critical aspects of clinical trial design and leveraging regulatory pathways, in addition to outlining the differences between fast track, break through therapy, priority review regulatory designations and accelerated approval pathways.

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From genomics to the coming of age glycomics

Discover how glycan biomarkers are quickly becoming key elements of cancer, cardiovascular, and gastrointestinal research, setting the stage for a new golden age of epigenetic research and personalised therapeutics.

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Multi-diagnostic approaches for patient selection biomarkers in immuno-oncology

The development of diagnostic tests which can predict patient response to these therapies are crucial to the clinical success of an immunotherapy candidate. This webinar recording helps to:

  • Define the different classes of immunotherapy being developed for cancer treatment
  • Identify the utility and limitations of current biomarkers for the selection of patients for checkpoint inhibitor therapy
  • Compare/contrast methods and assays being used for biomarker analysis 
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Evolving oncologic development in the decades ahead

Successive revolutions of prevention strategies and precision medicine in the past two decades have contributed to lowering the mortality rate for the ten most prevalent cancers by more than 10% across most of Europe, Asia, and North America. In the coming years, emergent therapeutic strategies, including immuno-oncologics and liquid biopsy-based companion diagnostics, may yield some of the most transformative clinical benefits to date. Yet, oncology pipelines remain rife with challenges. This whitepaper provides specific ideas and innovative approaches that make a real difference to the successful conduct of industry-sponsored clinical trials.

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Optimising oncology clinical research through site partnership and investigator support

The goal of oncology drug development is to bring effective treatments and improved individual care to patients suffering from cancer. The process to get a new therapy approved by the FDA may take 10–15 years and requires the timely completion of numerous clinical trials. The success of the process rests on finding and supporting the investigators and site staff that ultimately recruit the patients for the studies. CROs can reduce barriers to clinical research participation for sites, by finding ways to create administrative efficiencies, keep investigators engaged throughout the process,

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Immuno-oncology setting the scene

Immuno-oncology (I-O) plays an increasingly important part in cancer treatment, utilising the body’s own immune system to fight the disease. Although not a new concept, I-O has progressed considerably in the last 10-15 years with approvals for numerous I-O therapies including vaccines, cytokines, tumour-directed monoclonal antibodies, and immune checkpoint inhibitors. 

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